Five tips on boosting satisfaction in the workplace

The happier the employees on your team are, the more productive, loyal and creative they will be. Having happy employees means being able to reach a team's maximum potential. Here are five tips on boosting the satisfaction of subordinates from your position as a manager.


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Take care of employee development and training

One of the biggest responsibilities of any manager is ensuring subordinates receive adequate development and training opportunities. Not everyone is interested in development, but for those who do want to learn, personal and professional development is often a priority.

Allow those who want it the space to use their own initiative

Most workers want to gain increasingly greater autonomy. Some employees feel most comfortable being micromanaged, but the majority want some room for initiative and individual work. These people need to be given that space or they will become frustrated and unhappy.

Appreciate not only a job well done, but also a sincere effort

Obviously, a manager should always reward a job well done. But they should also reward sincere effort. If an employee shows initiative and invests a lot of energy into a project or idea, you should appreciate it, even if a particular effort did not bring the expected result.

Offer maximum flexibility

As a manager, you should try to give team members as much flexibility as possible. That means in terms of both time and location, so that you can give your subordinates the best possible balance between their personal and professional lives.

Ensure consistency in leadership of both team and company, with no sudden surprises

Workplace satisfaction is closely linked to feelings of security, safety and consistency. Employees can never be happy at a workplace where they experience constant surprises, changes in priorities or unexpected demands. You need to be consistent and predictable both as a company and in team leadership.


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