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Three signs work is having an unhealthily effect on your personal life


Work-life balance is not just a recommendation; it is a necessity. If you develop an unhealthy relationship to your work and it starts to have a negative effect on your personal life, it will…

Everyday habits that will make you more productive, resilient and happier


We all want to be more productive, more resilient and happier, and this applies especially to managers. How to do it? Here are some everyday habits to help you achieve that goal.

Chronic stress: how managers can get rid of it


Stress is a chronic disease of the 21st century, one which also triggers numerous other modern illnesses and serious diseases. Stress is counter-productive to both work performance and management…

Five daily mental exercises to train your memory


Do you seem to forget things a lot? Would you need a better memory? In this day and age, when we can write everything down on our phones and calendars, and use notifications and apps for all events…

Five tips on boosting satisfaction in the workplace


The happier the employees on your team are, the more productive, loyal and creative they will be. Having happy employees means being able to reach a team's maximum potential. Here are five tips on…

Several tips on how managers can increase their productivity


Managers have a variety of tasks. Not only do they have to lead their subordinates and ensure that team goals are met, they also have to inspire and motivate employees, look after their development…

Three qualities every successful manager must possess


New times bring new challenges and new expectations of team leaders. Yet there remain some constant qualities that every manager must have if they want to achieve success together with their team.…

Have you become the manager of a dysfunctional sales team? Three tips on how to fix it.


Not everything is always a success, and this is also true when it comes to building sales teams. Sometimes a team may not function as it should: it is not delivering on plans and going nowhere. There…

Emotional intelligence: how it can help you become a better manager


Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand one's own emotions, recognise emotions in others, and be able to work with emotions in general. A manager with high emotional intelligence is better…

Six tips on building higher self-esteem


Self-confidence plays a vital role in success in a managerial role. If you lack sufficiently healthy self-esteem, you will find it difficult to motivate and inspire your subordinates and help your…

Self-love at work: why you too should be kind to yourself


What is self-love? It is the act of being friendly, helpful and understanding towards yourself. These days, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others (both in our personal lives and at work),…

Five reasons why perfectionists are ineffective. And how to overcome perfectionism


Someone who is a perfectionist tends not to be a very effective worker. This is true for both managers and regular workers. What is actually wrong with perfectionism, why do perfectionists end up…

Your work is not your life: the importance of not taking work too personally


Work provides us with more than just money: it offers a sense of fulfilment, fun and the opportunity to learn or express ourselves creatively. But at the same time, if you take your work too seriously…

How to handle acute stress or anxiety in four steps


Acute stress, anxiety and fear: these are intense reactions of the body to negative stimuli or stressful events that can to some extent paralyse a person. How to resist these feelings and recover as…

Increase your team's productivity quickly


Wondering how to increase your team's productivity? Here are some tips on how to do it in a matter of weeks and months.

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