ISO 10006 Project Manager: officially accredited certification


ISO 10006 Project Manager is the first internationally accepted and accredited professional certification focused on implementing a project quality management system. Unlike other project management certifications, ISO 10006 does not focus only on the idea of "best practice" in managing projects, but explicitly on the implementation and standardization of project management processes.

Using the ISO 10006 methodology you can achieve higher efficiency especially in the areas of systems integration, implementation projects, EU funding programs, portfolio management and management of projects of any type. The certification is intended primarily for project management committees, consultants, project managers, process owners participating in projects and quality managers.

The ISO 10006 professional certificate can be obtained by everyone who undergoes a training at the ATO (Accredited Training Organization) and passed the certification exam at any of the EIs (Examination Institutes). Thankls to the accreditation, the training is recognized and accepted worldwide. The EI professional centers are accredited according to strict rules and protected by the institute for accreditation of ISO standards. In the Czech Republic, eg. the TAYLLOR & COX educational company is one of the centres.