A surprising number of managers suffer from imposter syndrome. How to get rid of it?

Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon that affects many people but is very common among managers, and especially those who have only recently reached their current post or not long ago been promoted from a regular position. They have a constant feeling of not being good enough for the job, that their promotion was a mistake and it may become apparent at any moment that they simply are not up to the task. So how should one combat imposter syndrome?


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Accept your feelings and be aware of them

First of all, you need to realise that what you are feeling is really just a kind of syndrome: your fears are not based on facts and real numbers, but rather exist only inside your own head. Notice when your self-doubt increases, be aware of why you feel that way and what is causing it.

View your achievements realistically and without excess criticism

There is a reason why you are where you are. The person who put you in that position had good reasons for doing so. And if you have worked your way up to this position all by yourself, then you deserve all the more admiration. Try to look at your achievements, skills and strengths realistically, without being overly self-critical. You may objectively find that you are not as badly off with your skills as you sometimes think.

Set realistic goals

Many people feel inadequate or inferior because they set unrealistic goals or are too self-critical and ambitious. In fact, we often tend to compare ourselves to people we should not be using for comparison, such as colleagues, bosses or friends who are seemingly more successful than we are. But we often see only the positive in others, or fail to realise they had certain advantages which we do not have. Compare yourself only to yourself and set realistic goals for yourself.

Seek professional help

If you seem unable to rid yourself of impostor syndrome, do not be afraid to seek professional help. A psychologist or perhaps a career or mental health coach may offer very effective help with your doubts.


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