Three qualities every successful manager must possess

New times bring new challenges and new expectations of team leaders. Yet there remain some constant qualities that every manager must have if they want to achieve success together with their team. Here are three of the most important.


Communication, communication, communication

As Forbes notes, being a manager is all about working with people. Therefore, successful managers need to be excellent communicators, and this applies both to individual communication with subordinates, colleagues, supervisors and business partners, as well as team communication and presentation skills. Find a communication style that suits your own personality type, and learn to speak to people in a clear, positive and honest way. You should clearly radiate your competence and confidence through your communication. And don't worry: you can easily learn communication skills even if you are more of an introvert.


This point builds on the previous one, though listening is an art in itself. In order to be capable of taking in feedback which team members give you directly or indirectly, you need to learn genuinely and actively to listen to them. Learn also to read between the lines and try to spot how subordinates are feeling, or if they have any problems they are trying to hide from others. Use the power of listening to cultivate individual, deep relations with your subordinates.


Last but not least, a successful manager must be able to motivate and inspire subordinates. You should set an example in everything you try to convey to them. Employees want to feel, via you, a connection with their employer. They want to know their work is meaningful and that they are working on something that transcends them and contributes to the success of the team. Communicate a certain vision to subordinates and motivate them to want to achieve the team's goals themselves.


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