Five daily mental exercises to train your memory

Do you seem to forget things a lot? Would you need a better memory? In this day and age, when we can write everything down on our phones and calendars, and use notifications and apps for all events and information, it is easy to neglect training our memorising skills. In the long run this can have a negative impact on our cognitive abilities. Here are five simple daily exercises to help you train and keep your memory sharp.


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Use mnemonic aids

Mnemonics help you remember things better. These can be associations, shortcuts or even memory palaces. Learn more about these techniques and practise them in your daily life as part of your training.

Try memorising things instead of writing them down

Rather than writing things down, try remembering them. For example, if you go to collect a package and have to give the PIN code sent to you via e-mail, try to memorise it and say it by heart at the pick-up.

Learn something by heart

An ideal way to train your memory is consciously to learn things by heart. For example, you might memorise your family members' phone numbers, all the U.S. states in alphabetical order, or maybe a short poem every day on your way to work.

When being introduced to someone new, consciously try to remember their name

Do you ever have the feeling that when someone new introduces themselves to you, you forget their name as soon as they've said it? Try changing that. The next time someone introduces themselves to you, try to focus on remembering their name.

Get enough sleep

An important lesson in training and strengthening your memory is the need for adequate sleep. Make sure your sleep is long and of good quality, and you will do much better in the long run in maintaining your cognitive skills.


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