Need to end a conversation and leave? Five tips on doing it gracefully

Social events, team gatherings, meetings of experts, conferences and so on are all excellent ways to strengthen relations with current business partners, to network and to learn of innovations in your sector. But not if you spend the whole evening talking to only one person. And some really talkative people might pose this threat. To use your time as effectively as possible, you should know how to end conversations with grace.


Sum up the conversation

As The Muse states, if you want to finish a conversation, sum up the information you have exchanged, repeat what you have learnt, and thank the other person for taking the time to talk to you.

Give a specific reason for needing to leave

Do not give vague or empty reasons, such as "I have to go". Give concrete, specific reasons why you are unable to continue the  conversation. If possible, be honest.

Suggest the next step

If you are interested in your partner in conversation, suggest the steps that could follow. Let them know that, unfortunately, at the given moment you do not have time, but suggest an event where you might see each other in the future, or propose a meeting sometime.

Introduce someone else

Another option is to "replace" yourself with someone else. Introduce a partner, friend or colleague, explain briefly what both of them do and let them continue to talk.

Do not offend

Never be rude to others and never insult anyone, even if the other person was boring you to death. You never know which contacts might one day be useful.



Article source The Muse - U.S. website focused on smart career advice and long-term professional development
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