Avoid demotivating subordinates by not making these five mistakes

Motivating employees is a complex and difficult task. Every employee has specific needs and expectations. On the other hand, some managerial approaches and mistakes are guaranteed to demotivate subordinates. What are they and how to avoid them?


No room to express one's own opinion

As Forbes reports, few things frustrate workers (and people in general) like having no space to express their opinions. It makes them feel left out, as if they are not being listened to. Do not make this mistake as a manager; instead, allow subordinates some space and genuinely listen to their opinions and comments.


Having someone constantly behind your back and controlling your every move soon becomes frustrating. The feeling of not having the right to work independently leads to stress, demotivation and, in the case of the work environment, often to quitting.

No development and no training

Few people want to stagnate in one place; most would like to advance in some way, be it career-wise or in terms of education and personal development. If you do not provide subordinates with this opportunity, there is the risk of their losing motivation in the long run.

Unkept promises

Do you promise your subordinates longer holidays, career progression, more money or new, interesting projects? Then you have to keep those promises. If you betray your subordinates' trust in the long term, sooner or later they will lose interest in your promises and in their work.

Work without deeper meaning

If your work was leading nowhere and lacked any deeper meaning, you probably would not like even going to work. The same is true of your subordinates: if you do not offer any deeper meaning to their work, or at least some direction and vision, sooner or later they will lose the motivation to do their job well.


Article source Forbes.com - prestigious American business magazine and website
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