How to build a new habit in five steps

Do you have good ideas and noble plans to change your habits and improve your life, but are unable to cultivate and maintain new habits? This article offers advice on how to create a new, good habit in five steps.


These tips come from a post on Brian Tracy's blog.

Step 1: Define the new habit

The first step is to tell yourself what habit you want to achieve. The definition must be completely accurate or it will not be effective. It is not enough to say to yourself: "I'm going to start running more". You should say, for example: "I will go for a 40-minute run every other day".

Step 2: Be 100% consistent (especially at the outset)

It takes time for a new habit to sink in. This is why it is important, especially at the beginning, actually to stick to your plan and be 100% consistent.

Step 3: Tell people around you

Social relationships play a significant role in adherence to habits and our overall behaviour. One way to get your environment "on your side" and ensure your surroundings will support you and your habit is to mention your plan to the people around you. These may be just colleagues or, conversely, only family.

Step 4: Do not be discouraged 

Nothing should discourage you from sticking to your new habit. Especially in the early days, sticking to the new habit should really be a priority for you, at least until it becomes a standard part of your daily routine.

Step 5: Reward yourself

Acquiring a new habit should not just be an unbearable ordeal. Don't be afraid to give yourself an occasional reward for sticking with a new habit. Don't be too hard on yourself.


Article source - Brian Tracy's official blog
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